Truth behind Mobitel Master Unlimited Data for Rs.2999 + Tax

Mobitel introduced new Postpaid ( Bill Connection ) Data package Unlimited Data for LKR 2999 + tax . to obtain connection you have to pay 2000 Rupees ( 1000 for Refundable deposit + 1000 as Connection fees ). Mobitel Said in their website download speed is considarable and able to watch .Videos BUT check below article


What is the Download speed & FUP Usage

i have asked hotline , FB comment on their page ! they not said how much is the speed !!! they said blah blah blah not related my question !  so I ego to test the speed , i bought a connection for testing . its cost 2000 LKR ,  I have tested on 3G Network , (because my area has 4G full signal but speed (2Mbps .)  vert slow  than 3G  i have complaint but no response !!!)

I personally not prefer mobitel data because its NOT STABLE connection !!!

its Speed about  14Mbps(3G) before FUP .  when data usage about 2250 MB ,I have got SMS. its attached below


Notification Alert for 750 MB warning mobitel

Notification Alert for 750 MB warning message

After 3GB usage i got another SMS . BUT in their website they mention 1.5GB FUP apply that not truthits 3GB 

message alert mobitel data blaster

message alert mobitel data blaster

after the FUB applied. i have checked the speed it very slow its about
Download 1Mbps ( 128KBps )
Upload speed about 2Mbps (250KBps)

Download speed Unlimited Master data sim

Download speed Unlimited Master data sim

Download speed Unlimited Master data sim


Is it really Unlimited ?

BUT slow Down after FUP applied , after use of 3GB anytime data data, connection slow down to 128KBps 

Disadvantage of this Data sim

  1. you cannot use this sim in Dongle / wingle / Wifi routers . Only support Mobile phones.
  2. after 3GB usage FUP applied  . connection slow down to 128KBps.
  3. Unable to share data with Hotspot.

How much DATA can be downloaded in a day ?
lets consider 3GB can be download in hour
lets consider average speed  per second about 100KB   (I have checked speed around 128KBps )
so per Hour 100KB X 60 X 60 = 360 000 KB = 360MB


if a person use 24 Hours Data browsing  1 Hour 3GB + 23 hours with speed of 100KB
=3GB ( without FUB )+ 23 X 360MB
= 3GB + 8.2GB
= 11GB can be downloaded if a person use 24 Hours continuously


BUT its not possible lets say a person use around 5 hours browsing  

3GB + 5X 360MB

= 4.8GB around 5GB can be use if a person browsing avarage 5 hours in a day



This package not worth to buying for the rent 2999+ tax = its around LKR 3600 /=
without FUB 3GB X 30 days = 90GB can be used for normal speed.
cannot be use Hotspot ( i have tested on Nokia 88104G & iPhone 7 , both not working data share via hotspot )

Mobitel giving you fake promise ! you cannot watch 720P video without buffering after FUP !


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