Dialog Shareable DATA + unlmited Calls family members

Dialog introduced new Data package that can be shared within few members and call between members FREE. it’s monthly rental package can be add prepaid & postpaid Mobile numbers. Primary connection must be Postpaid , but sub connection can be prepaid /Postpaid mobile.

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Dialog Shareable Data package comparison

Package Data + family calls Members
included primary connection
999+ tax 10GB anytime
Family Calls FREE
3 members
1499+tax 15GB anytime
Family Calls FREE
4 Members
1999+tax 20GB anytime
Family Calls FREE
 6 Members

Activation Dialog Shareable Data

go to My dialog app >> Shareable Data >> choose the package


confirmation activation

activation success message dialog share data


Adding connection for Sharedata dialog

Adding connection for Share data dialog


Set Data limit for members

set limit data for members


Members Shared Data

Members Shared Data


Disadvantage of this package

  • FREE minutes between members  deduct from main postpaid Package FREE minutes ( for prepaid it works fine )
  • Data Priority shareable data

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